Several years ago, when I was in Bahrain, I bought a nice pair of wired, in-ear Bose earphones. They had nice silicone tips with several sizes so you can choose the best fit for your ears. These earphones were great for listening to music, but I used them more for mobile phone calls, especially when driving. They delivered a great audio experience. I was very happy with my purchase and enjoyed the earphones immensely.

Fast forward three years I was back in the Philippines and my Bose earphones reached the end of their rope. The wires connected to the in-ear parts got torn and rendered the earphones useless. I was sad.

I searched for Bose in the Philippines and found their representative office in Manila. When I explained the situation, the technician was very knowledgeable and explained my options. I could buy a new one – a later version because the one I had was already discontinued. Bose is very big on product innovation and they create better versions of products in no time. My second option was to return the damaged earphones and get a brand new replacement of the newer version for 30% of the SRP. This was essentially a 70% discount on a new set of earphones. And this despite the fact that I used the unit for 3 years and had no extended warranty! I was even prepared to buy a brand new one. Thanks, Bose.

In 2013 I returned to Toronto and bought wireless around-ear headphones, again from Bose. I loved the wireless freedom and the crisp, delicious sound. My daily subway commutes were comfier! After two years I had to replace the ear cushions. Again, one phone call to a very knowledgeable and helpful technician and my problem was solved.

On the third year, the band of the headphones showed signs of wear and tear (little pieces where chipping off). About this same time Bose came out with an upgraded version of the unit (pictured above).

Fourteen years ago I quit smoking and I have been buying myself a nice “treat” every year to reinforce the behaviour. This year I bought the Bose around-ear wireless headphones.

This left me with a quandary as to what to do with the old unit. It is fully functional apart from the chipped exterior. Out of curiosity, I called Bose and the courteous technician was very helpful. He politely said that the band was not a replaceable part but if I were interested, because they still have surplus stock of the discontinued unit, he can replace mine with a brand new unit for approximately 25% of the original cost. Additionally, the courier costs to return the old unit and to deliver the new one were free. Again, like the experience in the Philippines, I’m getting a brand new unit for a 75% discount. I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity.

I now have a spare brand new Bose around-ear wireless headphones. If a friend from Dubai is nice to me, he just might get a surprise!

Bose displayed consistently excellent customer service in three countries: Bahrain, the Philippines and Canada. The technicians were courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. They try their best to make the customer experience as hassle-free as possible. Bose is a great brand that creates great products!

Fast forward three years from now when I need to get a new set of wireless headphones, guess which brand I’m buying.

[Disclaimer: I do not represent the company Bose or any of its subsidiaries. The comments above are my own based on my personal experience purchasing Bose products.]